Mothers Day Comfort Gift Ideas for Every Type of Mom


This life has no manual, but there’s a mother. And part of being a mother is running around, be it to work or chasing your little ones around.
Shoes will always be a great gift for moms. Even in these economic times, shoes are an essential; from sandals, to doll shoes, sneakers and heels, mother’s need comfortable, cute and classy shoes.
At Backyard Shoez, we have the best selection of classy, comfortable and cute shoes for moms. Whether you’re shopping for your sister, your mother, mother-in law or wife, we’ve got you covered.
Women love shoes, in fact women shop for classy shoes all the time. Shoes are a part of a woman’s life.

Shop our sneaker collection this mother’s day and wow the women in your life with a a pair (or two) of practical sneakers that scream class and comfort while maintaining aesthetic. Our best seller sneaker cushioned in soft padding and a rubber sole wins anyday. Whether mom is running errands, brunch with her girls or just a walk around her neighbourhood these suede/leather combo laced up sneakers are the winner. They can easily be paired with a pair of jeans, tights, denim skirt/dress or a simple dress for all day wear.


First impression matter and speak volumes about an individual. Surprise your wife, sister, or mother with a pair of (insert heel name/description) she’ll love these for that high stakes meeting, or interview. They scream confidence, class, and are downright cute to help the woman in your life secure the bag.

A girl has to play. She works so hard and deserves some nice things in her life. Shoes are the nice things she needs. An example is our Azalea Strappy Heels that will dress down any outfits to These are going to be unforgettable within her girl circles. She’s a girl before she’s a mother, then she’s both. Surprise that special woman in your life with a pair and score some aaawwwww and tears of joys.

Mother’s give alot of love to the world and sometimes forget themselves. This mother’s day, gift a mom with a pair or two of these SOTC(Shake Off The Cold) boots. Whether she’s the knee length lover or ankle boot lover, she’ll, without a doubt, fall in love with these boot featuring a warm fabric lining, suede outer, leather/suede mix boots. Bring some warmth to her feet for those cold mornings she’s dropping the kids off to school, or out with her friends.

A simple action speaks a thousand words. This mother’s day, grab a voucher from Backyard Shoez and express your love for the mother in your life. A gift voucher will give her a wide selection of shoes from our shops. We promise you she’ll be spoilt for choice. Pair that with a bouquet zof flowers and melt her heart. Simple contact our delight team to plan that surprise for you.

We love shoes. Moms deserve comfort without compromising style and beauty. This mother’s day, do not sacrifice her style, embrace it and impress her with a pair of stylish heels, sassy sneakers, cute doll shoes, some bold boots or a gift voucher to appreciate her contribution to humanity.
Shoes are definitely a great and thoughtful gift for every lady in your life.

Happy mother’s day

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