Terms of use
Reservation of shoes shall be processed ONLY after payment has been made in part, or full. For mobile payment, ALWAYS pay to our official Mpesa Paybill, 889990 or +254 720596844. We will not accept liability of payment or loss of cash sent to other number except the ones listed here.
If the shoes don't fit, you have two weeks(14 days) to return them. You can switch with a preferred size of the same pair, or a different design.
EXCHANGE IS ONLY DONE ONCE. If you don't find anything at that moment, a reference number will be generated, for you to redeem, which expires within another two weeks. Do not misplace the reference number. We will not be liable for a lost reference number. No exchange for shoes placed on deposit for more than 28 days. You must clear the balance.
Backyard Shoez vouchers are purchasable from 2000 Kenyan shillings.
Third party vouchers issued on behalf of Backyard Shoez are subject to Backyard Shoez terms, unless stated otherwise. Vouchers issued by Backyard Shoez are redeemable at any Backyard Store. Vouchers can be used as full or part payment in conjunction with any other forms of payments accepted. The original voucher must be presented to the shop for proof, and we will not accept liability for any damaged or lost voucher.
The Vouchers expire within 3 months after the date of issue. It can only be used in one transaction, and cannot be exchanged with cash. No change shall be issued. 
Backyard Shoez reserves the right, at any time, to subsidize, issue discounts, or cancel any ongoing offers or discounts on any shoes sold by Backyard Shoez without issuing prior notice to its customers. Backyard Shoez takes no responsibility, for any loss incurred due to timing of the offers or discounts issued by Backyard Shoez Offers and Sale discounts cannot be combined with other ongoing offers, or discounts, & shall ONLY be applied independently. No reservation shall be made for shoes on offer, unless payment has been made in full. No refund shall be done for any shoes sold on offer. Exchange of shoes on offer shall only be done ONCE, during the period of the offer/discount with other shoes on offer.